As your wealth grows, so should your expectations. Nour Private Wealth specializes in meeting the needs of Canada’s growing number of high-net-worth households. As financial planning becomes increasingly complex, our team will manage your portfolio using a diverse mix of asset classes, delivering strong returns while minimising risk. Your retirement and investment goals are in safe hands at Nour Private Wealth.

Risk Management

At Nour Private Wealth we understand that wealth is hard-earned, but can be easily lost. Our team is here to ensure that the pursuit of returns is always risk-adjusted. The portfolios we construct will strike a balance between managing risk, seeking adequate returns and minimizing complexity. That balance shifts with your specific needs, risk tolerance and your understanding of financial instruments. Our track record has proven that a disciplined, conservative approach to investing delivers stable, long-term growth and peace of mind.


When it comes to risk management, diversification of your portfolio is key. We strive to construct portfolios with a diverse mix of asset classes across different economic sectors, management styles and geographical locations. Using correlation, we limit any vulnerability within your portfolio to protect your assets in the event of a market correction. Building an all-weather portfolio is essential because your retirement or other investment goals should never solely depend on the vagaries of the markets.

Tax Planning

With the tax regime constantly evolving, a dedicated tax strategy has never been more important for high-net-worth individuals and their families. At Nour Private Wealth our money management philosophy focuses on identifying the most tax-efficient investment vehicles, while maintaining the right balance between asset quality and risk. No matter what happens in Ottawa regarding policy, our tax planning experts will ensure your burden is limited.