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Arlo Sobiski - NPW

Arlo Sobiski

Associate Fund Advisor / Insurance Advisor


Arlo Sobiski is from Kenora, ON and is an experienced client relations specialist. He is a consultant that takes a holistic approach to all aspects of financial planning. His varied background in the aviation, automotive, and oil and gas industries allow him to make meaningful connections to all types of people from all walks of life. He understands where you are and what is important to your financial future. Prior to joining our team, Arlo gained experience at IG Wealth Management as a Financial Consultant.  Arlo played hockey and soccer and attended the University of Mount Royal in Calgary. He holds pilot licenses in both fixed wing and helicopter. He is currently working towards his Certified Financial Planner Designation and his main goal is to be the ‘centerpiece’ that guides you in making educated financial decisions. He enjoys meeting with clients wherever they are comfortable to explain how he and his team can provide value to you and your family. When away from work he enjoys spending time at the lake with his beautiful wife and kids.

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