Group Benefits

Nour Private Wealth is dedicated to the high-net-worth segment, and as such, many of our clients are entrepreneurs and business owners. For that reason we understand the importance of the right employee benefits solution for your business. We deliver group benefits plans and services that are flexible, innovative, and anticipate your needs. In providing this service, we also minimize administration for you so you can devote your time to your own business.

Nour Private Wealth is a leader in the group benefits space, servicing businesses of all sizes. Many Canadian employers trust us to deliver their employee benefit programs. As your business grows, our team will ensure you are adequately prepared, while keeping your benefits plan current and competitively priced.

Small business (less than 51 employees)

As a small business owner, you will face a series of unique challenges every day. These challenges evolve as your business grows and establishes itself. Our small business solutions can help you whether you need a straightforward plan that’s easy for your employees to use and understand, or if you seek a wider selection of benefits products and services with greater flexibility for your company.

We assist business owners with everything from managing business costs, to attracting the best employees, and growing personal wealth. Our group benefits programs for small businesses are affordable and can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. A benefits program will give your firm a competitive advantage in the job market as a cost-effective method to protect employees and their families with a tax effective form of compensation.

Medium/large business (51+ employees)

For larger enterprises, from mid-sized to corporate, our extensive service network stretches right across Canada. Our broad and customizable product suite is comprehensive and flexible to meet your requirements now and in the future. Our solutions are developed with best-of-class partners who are specialists in their field.

Nour Private Wealth utilizes a hands-on approach to disability management that means employees can return faster to work. Our reporting tools analyze disability claims so your business is protected by our practical approach to health management. Our focus on prevention and intervention is designed to help you see healthier, more engaged and productive employees. By matching benefits and support for health, absence and workplace injury with intensive claims management, your plan will ultimately be sustainable in the long run.

Industry associations and union groups

At Nour Private Wealth, our clients include multi-employer trade unions, as well as teachers and public-sector trust funds. Our team match your needs with quality products, consistent and conscientious service, as well as flexible underwriting.

Your members will have the advantage of working with our team of in-house experts. Their training in subjects like hour banks, collective bargaining, reciprocal agreements and legislative changes give them the skills to properly understand your industry.

Nour Private Wealth is sensitive to the influence of union and management negotiations on benefit plans. As a result, we will do all we can to support the negotiation process, including accommodating those discussions through our rating actions and the timing of rate adjustments. We will also work closely with third-party administrators on day-to-day service issues such as claims eligibility and premium administration.