Investment Advisor
Chris Middlemiss
Investment Advisor

Chris Middlemiss joined our team in 2017, after spending over a decade managing worker’s compensation for a major retailer.

He decided he wanted to redirect his time and energy to benefit individuals rather than a corporation.  Becoming an Investment Advisor allowed him to do this while taking advantage of his education in Accounting and Economics.

Coming from a family of teacher’s he is extremely patient and passionate about expanding his client’s financial knowledge each meeting.  A typical comment from a client is that they have a better understanding of their finances and investments almost immediately.

He takes additional time to understand his client’s position and focuses on areas he has found the industry has been lacking.

He works with his clients to continuously update and adapt their retirement plans, focusing on tax deductions, tax structures, and investment structures to make their plans as efficient and effective as possible. 

When it comes to investments, he works with his clients to have a well-defined portfolio with set goals as to when to make changes to take as much emotion out of investing as possible.

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