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Karl Abdel Nour
Chartered Investment Manage

Karl Nour is a Chartered Investment Manager and Senior Wealth Advisor at Nour Private Wealth Inc. For over a decade, Karl has been providing imperative wealth management solutions to affluent business owners and high net–worth families. The goal is to achieve greater confidence for his clients’ financial future and a longer lasting legacy for their families.

After graduating from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Engineering, he joined the Elie Nour Group at Manulife Securities Inc. Under his brother’s guidance, Karl grew to become one of the top advisors in the Manulife securities division, establishing himself as a mentor for other advisors.

In 2016, Karl started his own independent team, onboarding advisors, associates and other staff. This family office structure enabled him to tailor his services to clients’ needs more accurately

Karl is dual licensed for insurance, which gives him the ability to view finances through multiple perspectives. His philosophy is to incorporate a unique holistic approach, whereby he can ensure a solid financial foundation prior to discussing investments.

Karl’s investment strategy is to follow a pension-style approach while diversifying portfolios with non-traditional asset classes. This means he is able to explore the most innovative strategies without compromising his conservative and disciplined values.

Over the years, Karl has been nominated for multiple awards. Most recently, he was the recipient of the Top 50 Advisors and Young Gun of the Year awards by Wealth Professional.

Having over a decade of experience, Karl is actively looking for different opportunities to bring to his clientele. He is committed to furthering his knowledge through additional educational endeavors to provide the most cutting edge advice.

With a proven track record of exceptional service and attention to detail. Karl meets and exceeds his clients expectations with results, communication and active management.

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