Investment Advisor
Mario Lapadula
Investment Advisor

As an Investments Advisor at Nour Private Wealth, Mario Lapadula has half a decade of experience working with high-net worth professionals, small business owners, and executives. He specializes in helping individuals develop their financial future through investment strategies and wealth management solutions.

Raised in a single income family of 6, with a father that owned a small plumbing company. Mario has seen first-hand the struggles that come with owning a small, demanding business and providing for a large family simultaneously. On top of that, seeing his family struggle through the Great Financial Crisis with poor investment guidance, Mario has made it his mission to provide his clients financial security through simple and effective risk management strategies and wealth planning. 

As successful professionals and business owners your time is scarce and valuable, so it’s that much more difficult to keep up to date with the ever-changing investment environment. Mario has developed a successful process to understand your unique situation, providing and implementing proven strategies that build a clearer path to your individual and professional financial goals.

When he isn’t working, Mario can be found on the nearest tennis courts sharpening his skills. He loves meeting new people through sport and activity and is always open to a friendly 1-on-1 game.

By working with Mario and the team, you can rest easy knowing you will benefit from independent advice, and guided success.

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