Our Philosophy

Risk Management

We understand that wealth is hard-earned but can be easily lost. Our team is here to ensure that the pursuit of returns is always risk-adjusted.

  Our Approach


When it comes to risk management, diversification of your portfolio is key. We strive to construct portfolios with a diverse mix of asset classes.

  Our Strategy

Tax Planning

With the tax regime constantly evolving, a dedicated tax strategy has never been more important for high-net-worth individuals and their families.

We specialize in meeting the needs of the growing number of high-net-worth families


Our Services


Markets rise and fall but our investment strategy ensures you are prepared for any eventuality. Portfolios will be constructed in such a way as to fulfill your investment objectives.

Wealth Planning

In creating your personalized wealth plan, we take into account multiple factors, including investment goals, risk tolerance, tax exposure, estate options, and legal considerations.


Even the best-laid plans can be undone in a moment after an unforeseen event. Insurance is the protection against such an event and is central to any wealth plan.

Group Benefits

We are dedicated to the high-net-worth segment, and as such, many of our clients are entrepreneurs and business owners. We understand the importance of the right employee benefits solution for your business

Group Pension

At Nour Private Wealth, our clients include multi-employer trade unions, as well as teachers and public-sector trust funds. We offer convenient retirement savings options to companies with full-time employees.

Not sure what you need? Contact one of our advisors and start your wealth planning journey.

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