At NPW, we take immense pride in offering our clients a true measure of the value of human advice by bringing to life a tailored wealth planning experience with deep expertise in tax and estate planning. NPW Advisors and Portfolio Managers enjoy the benefit of a sophisticated investment platform with access to private equity, private debt and other alternative investments that are only available to accredited investors.


At NPW, Advisors and Portfolio Managers have access to investment tools and products not generally available to retail dealer members.

Our robust compliance environment, backed by a great team of compliance officers, help guide and support our Advisors, protect the company, and, most importantly, our clients.

NPW’s media team is always available to help our advisors enhance their online exposure by creating workshops and trainings over several social media platforms.


Supporting our advisors is one of our top priorities. We assist advisors with their continuous education needs by having access to an incentive program to further their knowledge. We do that by helping them get reimbursed for any course once completed successfully through the CSI, FP Canada, and other associations for investment professionals

Our Investment Research Team provides monthly and quarterly market updates to all clients. We also organize webinars, seminars and client appreciation events where each advisor’s clients can participate.

We organize regular meetings for associates and advisors to discuss market conditions, portfolio adjustments, tax strategies, new investment opportunities, and overall business planning.


Our success in developing long-lasting advisor relationships is founded on shared values, a thorough understanding of our Advisors’ goals, and a keen desire to earn their trust and confidence. We are here to provide you with all the support you need to take your practice to another level.

Employee value proposition

  • Independence: Freedom to recommend any public or private investments, that are approved by NPW, to your clients.
  • High Payout: You will enjoy one of the highest payouts in the industry without being incentivized to recommend proprietary products.
  • Recognition: Our annual awards night recognizes Advisors and Associates for their outstanding achievements.
  • Benefits plan: You and your family will have access to an extensive benefits plan which is partially covered by NPW.
  • Opportunity for Growth: We will encourage you to continue to develop your skills and career by helping you get partially or fully reimbursed for courses completed through the CSI, FP Canada,…
Careers – Nour Private Wealth

Leaving your current firm does not need to be a stressful event. Our Transition Team will guide and support you through all stages of the transition. The most difficult step is first deciding to act. Let us help.


Control your future

We entrust our advisors to manage their business as they see fit and provide the best solutions for each unique client with the tools offered by NPW. Even though NPW is a local boutique wealth management firm, our reach is global. Our Advisors have the ability to take on non-resident clients from more than 100 countries, trade over 28 different exchanges and manage portfolios in 19 different currencies. We offer Traditional Advisory Accounts, Prestige and Prestige Plus (Fee-Based Accounts).
We are excited for our new release for the end 2021will be our Elite (Portfolio Management) Account program.


NPW has built a professional support team to service our advisors. Through our relationship with Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC, our advisors can build strong relationships that give us the breadth to be a trusted partner in their growth.

Advisor Independence

NPW is built on providing Advisors with the independence to run their practice without worrying about branded investments to sway their decisions.

What Our Advisors Say


Opening a Partner Office of Nour Private Wealth only enhances your independence and provides you with control of your cost structure. Resulting in higher payouts and incentives to build your team.

  • Make your own decisions: You are empowered to decide what’s right for you and your clients and manage your business as you see fit.
  • You have access to an open product shelf: You have the freedom to implement an investment strategy that meets the best interests of your clients by choosing from the wide array of products and services that are available in the marketplace.
  • We respect you and your client relationships: We recognize that as an independent business owner, you have a vested interest in making the best decisions for your clients and managing your book for enduring success.
  • You manage your own brand and marketing: Leverage our brand and marketing development resources to create a value proposition and targeted marketing strategy that supports you and your unique business vision.
  • You oversee your real estate/office requirements: You determine your office location, staffing and business requirements. This enables you to recruit a team and build a practice that’s structured for long-term success.
  • You control your practice’s cost structure: A high grid payout provides flexibility for you to manage à la carte expenses. This fosters autonomy, creativity, and free enterprise as you strive for success as a business owner.
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