Macan Nia

Christian Verlezza with guest host Macan Nia

This week our market update was hosted by Christian Verlezza, Investment Advisor at Nour Private Wealth Inc and guest speaker Macan Nia, Senior Investment Strategist atManulife Investment Management.  The webinar focused on how the Presidential elections impact the stock market.
Macan has a list of responsibilities at Manulife , ranging from market and economic analysis to investor education.

He analyzes and interprets the economy and the markets on behalf of Manulife Investments’ clients and works with the portfolio management teams to provide clients and investment intermediaries with guidance and commentary on strategies, asset allocation weightings, as well as specific portfolio recommendations. His expertise spans across multiple asset classes and geographic regions.

Macan joined Manulife in 2009 and regularly contributes to Manulife Investments publications. He is frequently quoted in the press and is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences.

During the call, Macan will be doing a deeper dive into how U.S presidential elections affect investments and your portfolio.

Every four years, uncertainty about the next president and their policies leads to further uncertainty. While you might expect that the president and their political party can move the market, it’s unclear to what degree that’s actually true. There have been 17 presidential elections since 1950, and each one has come with variables that uniquely affect the market.

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