Does my family need a fiduciary portfolio manager?

If your family has a high net worth, you need the services of someone with both a complete knowledge of the larger economic situation and your specific assets. It is always advisable to seek a fiduciary portfolio manager, rather than a conventional advisor or broker who may represent other interests.  

Best advisor to determine your investment goals

What makes fiduciary wealth managers different from any other wealth manager or investment advisor is that they are under a legal and ethical obligation to put their clients’ needs first. By contrast, other advisors may put the needs of their employers first. Even independent advisors may have an interest in promoting a particular product or service. When you hire a fiduciary, their work is all about you: your goals, your assets, your investments, and the decisions that will serve you best. 

Fiduciaries are held to a higher standard than other advisors. When you work with a fiduciary, there are no conflicts of interest, no proprietary investment products, no fees received for recommending any specific investment products, and full disclosure and transparency at all times. A fiduciary portfolio manager is something no high-net-worth family can do without. Your fiduciary will undoubtedly be the best advisor to help you determine and pursue your investment goals. 

Key investment decisions

When it comes to making investment decisions with potentially life-changing implications, you need to have the help of an open and honest expert who has a professional interest in helping you to protect and nurture yours. The fiduciary portfolio managers at Nour Private Wealth Management are the best people to have on your side, advocating for your interests and putting you first. Contact us for more information.

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